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Treatments tailored to the medical and aesthetic needs of each patient.

The Carriere Clinic has been an international benchmark in orthodontics for decades.
From preventive orthodontics for children to the correction of complex cases of malocclusion, the clinic offers customized treatments for optimal health and esthetic results.

Preventive orthodontics for children

Preventive orthodontics is applied early, starting at age 6. At this stage the bone structures are more malleable and allow a correct alignment of the arches and the creation of space to facilitate the eruption of the definitive teeth in the correct position. Treatments are performed in a few months and reduce the risk of malocclusion and oral diseases caused by crowded teeth.

Carriere Motion 3D Class II Color

The Carriere Motion 3D system allows for preventive bite adjustment. Boys and girls will be able to take off and put on the elastics directly without help. The device is available in different colors.

Orthodontics in
adolescents and adults

Orthodontics not only serves to achieve a perfect smile, it is also essential to prevent periodontal disease and temporomandibular joint problems. Unlike traditional braces, the Carriere system is designed for the client to achieve results in the shortest possible time, thanks to a smooth and constant movement of the teeth, avoiding sensitivity and discomfort.

Innovation and efficiency

The innovative Carriere Motion 3D system in conjunction with Carriere SLX 3D brackets ensures efficient, fast and esthetic treatment.

Orthodontic alternative to surgery

Thanks to the Carriere Motion 3D device, it is possible to achieve arch space and an aligned bite without the need for surgery or extractions. Patients with Class III malocclusion came to the clinic seeking treatment without extractions or surgery. This can be achieved thanks to the mandibular displacement obtained by the Carriere Motion 3D in a natural and undisturbed way.

Carriere Motion 3D Class III

The Carriere device has become popular worldwide as a valid alternative to invasive treatments, surgeries and unnecessary extractions.

Aesthetic orthodontics

A solution designed for those who are looking for the level of control and efficiency that brackets allow without sacrificing esthetics. Unlike clear aligners, ceramic brackets can correct any type of malocclusion, including complex cases of crowding, open bite or to perform dental extrusion.

Aesthetics, speed
and efficiency

Carriere devices are available in a “clear” version. The Carriere Motion 3D is transparent while the Carriere SLX 3D is white ceramic, offering the same performance as its metal version.

Orthodontics with aligners

Clear aligners, introduced to the market by the Invisalign brand, are now one of the most popular systems for orthodontic treatment. Carriere Clinic has state-of-the-art clear aligners, designed to work in conjunction with the Carriere Motion 3D.

Reveal clear aligners

Aligners with superior transparency from the United States. Thanks to its technology, Reveal allows control for the orthodontist and maximum comfort and esthetics for the patient.

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