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Orthodontics meets

The Clinic

The Carriere Clinic is the only orthodontic center in Spain with an internationally recognized medical team.

Dr. Luis Carrière

Doctor in Dentistry with a Master in Orthodontics and Dento-Maxillo-Facial Orthopedics for Children and Adults, Doctor Honoris Causa and winner of international awards.

Innovative Orthodontics

The latest in orthodontic technology for fast, effective and esthetic treatment.

Beginning at 6 years. Minimally invasive solutions to ensure an aligned bite and enough space for the eruption of permanent teeth.

Carriere technology allows you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in much less time compared to conventional orthodontic appliances.

The innovative Carrier Motion 3D device allows for jaw displacement and correction of a Class III malocclusion without extractions or surgery.

Carriere SLX 3D ceramic brackets allow maximum precision without compromising aesthetics. An alternative to aligners loved by patients.

Clear aligners can be used after the Carriere Motion 3D device to optimize treatment duration without compromising aesthetics.

Ask for an appointment so we can assess the best treatment for your case.